Person-centred wellbeing support for young people

Working with organisations across the UK

Soli provides diagnostic assessments, therapy sessions, and general wellbeing support, to young people.

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Avoid the long NHS waiting lists and access the service you need, when you need it.

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All of our services can be accessed remotely, saving you both time and money.


We work with schools, DLPs, sports clubs, and businesses to support young people.

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Special educational needs can affect a child or young person’s ability to learn and progress. They can affect socialisation, concentration, and the ability to read and write. Yet young people shouldn’t have to suffer just because they can’t access the support they need.

At Soli we offer diagnostic assessments to put the family’s mind at ease and give them the clarity they need to support their child. However, a diagnosis is never enough, which is why we ensure that they also receive focused after-care to understand the next steps.


Mental health discussions have become more prominent in recent years but there remains a number of unnecessary stigmas which need to be removed. Nobody should have to struggle in silence for fear of being judged. They should be able to have open and honest conversations

Every child and young person can access the emotional support they need by using Soli. Whether they require ongoing therapy, or a pastoral drop-in session to have a quick chat, we are here to help. No problem should be considered too small, or niche, to seek help.

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