Skin Consultations

Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle.
Ella's Skin Transformation

Video Consultation

Book a 40 minute video consultation where we will address your current concerns, routine and what you would ultimately like to achieve with your skin. The aim is to find and treat the root cause of your skin concerns giving advice not only on skincare but also lifestyle and diet too as these play a huge role when wanting the skin to improve.  

After the consultation, you will receive a detailed AM & PM skincare routine along with everything discussed in the video call. This cuts out years of trial and error as well as marketing claims that are never fulfilled. 

The cost of the consultation is £80.

Online Consultation

For those who would prefer not to have a video call, there is now the option of an online consultation which allows the information to be filled in at your own convenience. The process and advice are exactly the same as the video consultation however you can do this in your own time rather than a scheduled appointment.

Simply purchase the online consultation package on the booking page, fill in the form, and wait for the advice and your new routine to drop into your email inbox.

The cost of the consultation is £80. 

My Skin Story Skin Clinic


The My Skin Story Skin Clinic is led by Ella Gorton, a beauty therapist and makeup artist of 11 years based in Manchester. At the age of 21, acne took over Ella’s life and affected not just her skin but her mental health. During her own journey Ella began to branch out in a bid to become the person she wished she’d known when she was at her lowest and lacked knowledge.

Skin Testimonial


“My skin struggles mirrored Ella’s in the sense that they seemed to come out of nowhere and I didn’t know what to do. I started to feel really self-conscious about my face and became anxious when people asked me about it. The consultation with Ella really made me appreciate that I am not alone in my journey and the results speak for themselves. Thank you!”

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