People with ADHD often have a special feel for life.


The vast majority of young people who end up having an ADHD assessment do so because it has been suggested to them by a teacher, or somebody they know who is familiar with the signs of ADHD. However, many people don’t actually know what to look out for because they don’t know what the condition entails, meaning that it can often be missed.

Our checklists are a tool to help people understand whether there is a likelihood that ADHD is present, and whether they should seek further help. The checklists cannot give a definitive answer because they are not a diagnostic assessment.

ADHD Checklist

Our Support

We currently focus our attention on aftercare support for children and young people who have received an ADHD diagnosis. This allows us to focus on the ongoing situation rather than leaving a family with a diagnostic result and nothing else. We believe that continuous care is the best way to manage disruption to everyday life.

Our sessions consist of 1-2-1 support with a specialist who has expertise in the field, and take the form of counselling/support sessions to get to the heart of the main areas where work is needed, to ensure that the individual can prosper.

The cost per session is £60 (sessions last for 50 minutes).

Child with ADHD playing in a session


It is one thing to get a diagnosis but it is an entirely different thing to know what to do after that diagnosis, and it can be particularly hard for young people. Our aim is to work with young people with ADHD so that they can understand how it functions, and learn to deal with any of the negative side effects that it brings, thus building their confidence levels.

Child with ADHD showing visual representation of thoughts

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition which often leads to difficulties with concentration, impulsivity and hyperactivity, along with executive functioning at home and at school. A young person with ADHD can exhibit disruptive behaviours which are not in keeping with those of a similar age and development.

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