We support students and exam centres with access arrangements.

Our work with access arrangements allows us to support exam centres to ensure they can support as many students as possible. Not only do we support the young people entering for examinations, but also the staff who are working with them. Our aim is to make the process as efficient as possible so that you can focus on the other aspects of the administration process.


Information gathering


With applicants

Form 8


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Soli Supports Centres

Experienced SENCO

Our experienced team is able to support students who already have EHCPs in place, and those who require a Form 8 to be inspected, or created. We gather all of the information and reduce the burden on your exams team.

Onboarding Support

By improving your onboarding processes, we can ensure that staff have all necessary information to hand when new students join. This ensures that any additional needs can be supported appropriately.

Access To Specialists

Get instant support from experienced specialists who can provide full diagnostic assessments for a range of conditions, along with therapy sessions when required.

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Our Process

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We understand that every centre is different and thus will require a slightly different focus. Our team will talk to you about how we can best support your examinations team. We will answer any questions you have about Soli and our wellbeing support.

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The setup is a very straightforward process. We devise a whole organisation approach to highlight best practice and identify any areas for improvement. We discuss your internal deadlines and formulate a strategy which you can share with your applicants.


By creating long-lasting partnerships, we can reassure our partner centres that we will support them for many years. This includes compliance with all JCQ inspections, with all documentation being readily accessible upon request. We are happy to liaise throughout the year.

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