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Sport can help young people develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Our work in sport allows us to support clubs to ensure that they have a strong focus on wellbeing. Not only do we support the young people on their books, but also the coaches who are working with them. We help you to foster a culture of positivity. Show that you care about the wellbeing of your athletes and get started today!

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Soli Supports Athletes

Positive Culture

Time and again, studies have shown that the main reason young people drop out of sport is because they stop enjoying themselves. These negative experiences can be reduced significantly by focusing on wellbeing. Every athlete should feel confident enough to speak up about any issues they have.

Diagnostic Assessments

Experienced assessors can provide full diagnostic assessments for a range of conditions thus ensuring that athletes don’t have to struggle in silence. Once a diagnosis has been received, we can liaise with the coaching team to advise them how to support the athlete.


of participants drop out of sport during their teenage years

1 in 4

young people in the UK experience a mental health problem

2 million +

young people do less than 30 minutes exercise per day

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Soli Supports Coaches

Advice Line

Our dedicated email line ensures your coaches are well equipped to support all of their squad. Many youth coaches are enthusiastic parents who may not have the training to prepare them to deal with challenging situations. By reaching out for advice, they can develop their coaching ability.

Regular Reports

We are able to consistently update you on the progress of the partnership based on feedback from athletes, parents, and coaches. By assessing the way in which the club interacts with all stakeholders, we can pinpoint areas for improvement and ensure that the club stands out in the local community.

Our Process

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We understand that every club is different and thus will require a slightly different focus. Our team will talk to you about how we can best support your athletes and coaches. We will answer any questions you have about Soli.

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Set Up

The set up is a very straightforward process. We devise a whole organisation approach to highlight best practice and identify any areas for improvement. We discuss any individuals who you feel could use immediate support and provide regular reports.

Wellness days

Wellness Days

We’re not just there in the background, we support you directly. Our wellness days allow us to support all athletes, not just those who have been referred with an issue. These days can raise awareness of wellbeing throughout your club.

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