Small Screen Talent Team

Small Screen Talent

Soli partners with Small Screen Talent to support their young performers.

Small Screen Talent Team

We are delighted to launch our first partnership in the world of screen acting, teaming up with Small Screen Talent. They are a unique weekend TV acting academy and agency for young performers. Founded by award-winning actor and mental health advocate, Ross Adams, their focus is on nurturing and developing young talent to help all young performers reach their fullest potential. In a competitive industry filled with rejection, they focus on building self-confidence and resilience to develop vitally important future life skills. Their busy agency finds professional opportunities for young talent, with students appearing regularly in TV, film and commercials. 

Ross was Head of Acting at Media City Performance Academy for over 3 years, working with students aged 3 to 17, and it was there where he was inspired to develop his own organisation. He won a MIND Media Award for his character’s mental health storyline in Hollyoaks and has consistently been praised for his work with young performers.

Our founder Patrick Mather shares his thoughts:

‘I actually studied Drama at University, and my sister attended Drama School, so I have a personal insight into the struggles that many young performers have to go through. In my conversations with Ross, I have seen that wellbeing is at the heart of what Small Screen Talent do, and he wants to use his position to promote positive change in his industry. We look forward to forging a strong partnership and continuing our goal to support as many young people as possible.’

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When so many children and young people are going through difficult times, we really believe that partnering with Soli could make your business stand out.

If you are interested in finding out more about how a partnership could work, please email [email protected].